״Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it “to whom it may concern.”

Ken Haemer, Presentation Research Manager, AT&T

“Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr – they all use visuals to convey messages. Why? What is it about conveying messages visually that is so powerful and makes people continue to consume more and more of them? And if everyone uses them to influence us, shouldn’t we also learn how to influence others?”

That’s how my lecture on visually conveying messages opens.

In today’s world, it is difficult to maintain audience attention over time. It’s even harder to do so by Zoom. You’re sometimes talking to a row of boxes, in which some people are half-heartedly listening, some have switched off their cameras, and some are exhausted from a series of such lectures they just finished watching a moment ago. It just does not work, it’s boring, and cannot succeed in keeping our attention for long.

But there is a solution. Visuals. Images that support the message, grab our attention, spark our curiosity, or explain something very complicated in such a clear and simple way that it was worth paying attention. All of this can be accomplished by crafting visual messages using the tools of design thinking. And doing it with us.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal many slides from client presentations. For samples, customer names and other details, it’s best to give us a call or send an email.


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