Nice to meet you. We are Portnov Mishan.

We are a visual communication design studio that helps you, individuals and businesses, design, communicate and show the change you want to bring to the world. We work primarily in the worlds of branding, investor relations, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). But when someone approaches us with a passion for what they do and a desire to cause change in other worlds, it’s hard for us to refuse.

We believe that design evokes emotions, emotions drive action, and action creates positive change. We think people don’t see strategy or values; rather, in the end, what they see is visuals – and that makes all the difference. Visuals communicates vision, strategy, messaging and your company’s story in a visual language – the language of design.

Homemade Skills

Today, in the modern world, everyone is talking about acquiring skills and abilities for work and life. Anyone already working with us knows that this comes with the package. Welcome to the studio that also gives you tools for life. As designers and as generally curious people, we never stop learning and growing together with our customers. Want to see how we leverage skills to make projects that are special and more influential? Go through the pictures, choose a word that speaks to you, click on it, and see what it reveals.

Our Work

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration,” said Thomas Edison. We would add that the clients we work with are a significant percentage of every project as well. We might come up with the most amazing ideas from morning till night, but if the client lacks courage or confidence and trust in us, it will not come together. Let’s see what a project looks like when it does.


One of the things we love to do is pass along knowledge. We do it at workshops, lectures, and through the blog. We will be updating these pages soon; until then, you’re welcome to follow us on our blog or to give us a call.

Design Thinking Workshop

Lectures About Design

Cunsulting over Coffee