Delta Galil - Celebrating Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Delta Galil

Delta Galil Industries is a manufacturer and marketer of private label apparel for men, women and children. Delta Galil sells products in collaboration with the biggest retailers in the world, under both licensed and proprietary brands. Delta Galil’s principal proprietary brands are: Delta, Schiesser, Karen Neuburger, Nearly Nude, Eminence (including Athena and Liabel) and 7 For All Mankind.

Delta Galil has over four decades of traditional and uncompromising excellence in manufacturing, marketing and service. Its leading technology, design and premium fabrics have earned the company its place as a recognized leader in the global fashion industry. Delta Galil is uniquely positioned as a supplier of innovative fabrics, in light of its vertical capabilities from concept to production.

Delta Galil is a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1982 (TASE: DELT) and on the OTC Markets Group since 2008 (OTCQX: DELTY)

Impact through Design

As a global fashion corporation, Delta examines human physiology, the body’s interaction with various fabrics, and consistently considers different design needs according to changes in lifestyle.   At the same time, of course, the company pays strict attention to the wearer’s comfort.

The slogan “Celebrating Creativity” is expressed in the choice of photographs and the enormous format.  The work shows the Beersheba Ballet Company wearing a variety of Delta products and moving naturally and creatively, as only dancers can.  The concept of their movement transmits just that:  naturalness, flow and comfort alongside creativity, due to the very fact of their being such talented dancers.

The unique format enhanced the experience.  Sheets sized 34/38 cm enabled the spatial play of photography and typography, so much so that it gave the feeling of the dancers leaving the paper.   Infographics, the use of graphs, pictures and global data, were designed to transmit power and focus.

The booklet reached interested persons packed in a roll made of brown recycled paper as a personal gift, which could not be ignored.  Respect and space, both conceptual and physical, were given to the report’s importance to the company.  The design created impact.

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