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We are Portnov Mishan.

We are a visual communication design studio that helps you, individuals and businesses, design, communicate and show the change you want to bring to the world. We work primarily in the worlds of branding, investor relations, and sustainability reports. But when someone approaches us with a passion for what they do and a desire to cause change in other areas, it’s hard for us to refuse.

We believe that design evokes emotions, emotions drive action, and action creates positive change. We think people don’t see strategy or values; rather, in the end, what they see is visuals – and that makes all the difference. Visuals communicate vision, strategy, messaging and your company’s story in a vivid language – the language of design.

מינה פורטנוב משען מעצבת
Mina Portnov Mishan

“I believe that design evokes emotions, which drive action, which creates change. Thoughtful and purposeful design with the intention of producing a positive change in the world will evoke the emotions required to create that change.”

Mina Portnov Mishan designer, entrepreneur and blogger

עמית משען -
Amit Mishan

What’s Our Story?

It began in a small, rented apartment in Tel Aviv in 1994. We went up against veteran designers for designing the TEVA Pharmaceutical Annual Report. Teva was then the flagship of the economy and a successful global pharmaceutical firm.

It was a euphoric period of peacemaking. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s speech inspired us to choose the concept: Peace. In his remarks upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Rabin said: “There is only one radical means of sanctifying human lives. …real peace.” Armed with only this quote, a photo of a white dove borrowed from a magician (a story in itself), and Teva’s then-breakthrough Copaxone, we designed Teva’s financial report and succeeded against all odds.

We entered the world of investment firms. We let our brains, heart and courage guide us through creative challenges over the years, as we improved and honed our skills.

Designing for companies listed on NASDAQ and AIM have helped us understand the language of global business, and the special needs of CEOs, CFOs and marketing executives. Feeling the pulse of the market, studying branding strategies, and working with multinational corporations using professional brand guides, have made us experts in the field. Designing investor presentations was a natural development from there.

As technology and business advanced, we learned that continuing to function well required a healthy environment, economy and society; we must preserve our planet. That was how we got into the world of sustainability and corporate social responsibility reports.

All along, we have tried to make sustainability accessible through design. We believe that’s how design creates an impact.

Living Our Story

With a wealth of professional experience and a team that has been involved in dozens of projects, we continue to push boundaries. We combine intellect, passion and courage in everything we do. We learn from our professional collaborators and our clients, and we see our work as a never-ending story, written anew every single day.

Our Vision

Create impact on society, businesses and environment through design.

Our Values

אמון וכבוד הדדי PorntovMishan

Mutual trust & respect

Work is like our second home. And a home is where there’s trust and mutual respect.

We want those who come into our home to trust us as much as we trust them. We advocate mutual respect, so that we’ll enjoy working together, with everyone able to express themselves, keeping channels of communication open, and feeling comfortable enough to make mistakes – just like at home.

We believe people know their world better than we do, they just may not have looked at themselves through the right pair of eyes. So, it’s important for us to listen and learn from them, in the same way we expect others to trust, appreciate and want to learn from us.


סקרנות ותשוקה

Curiosity & passion

Design, as a way of life, is based on curiosity and a passion for learning.

The world is intriguing and fascinating. Every discovery leads to something new, like following the footnotes on an interesting article. This is the essence of design.

For us, design means to explore and discover. It’s serendipity. It is not fearing to ask questions or admit that we don’t know something.

Being charged with energy. Knowing that every question has several answers. It is feeling confidence in uncertainty, appreciating motivation, and getting excited about color, shape, composition and font. It’s a way of life.



Aim for 10, you’ll get to 8. Aim for 12, you’ll get to 10.

High standards and attention to detail ensure that we maintain the promise of our brand. Nothing is taken for granted. We believe that if we aim for 12, we’ll reach 10. The risks we take are based on knowledge and research, but they’re the result of our desire to achieve something new, different and special. We take full responsibility for the process, actions and results; and we are always committed to success.

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